Winning souls to God’s kingdom. Training believers in the knowledge of God and His word and His will. Engaging and empowering Christ’s disciples to fulfill the Great Commission.  THAT is the mission of CrossLens Ministries and the purpose of this website. In a nutshell: “Faith seeking understanding; understanding impelling action.”

So, feel free to browse regularly through the many articles, blogs, and vlogs that are designed to stimulate honest reflection on your relationship with God, encourage you in your daily walk with the Lord, strengthen you in your knowledge of God’s Word, resource you with tools for understanding and interpreting the Bible, and challenge you to discover and live out your calling in Christ Jesus.

Dr. Rob Starner, director of CrossLens Ministries, is an ordained Assemblies of God minister. He is available for seminars, speaking engagements, drama performances, short-term missionary projects, and even tutoring in New Testament Greek.

How You Can Partner!

FIRST, spread the word about CrossLens to those in your social orb. All it takes is a personal testimony along with a cut-and-pasted web link! SECOND, using the link below, make donations as often as God leads you, and as often as you are able. Your generous support is essential to expanding the reach of that vision!

NOTE: Until CrossLens Ministries obtains a non-profit status with the federal government, or becomes a subsidiary of an organization that already has a non-profit status, donations to CrossLens Ministries are not tax deductible, and thus, the only “rewards” for your partnership will be on the far better side of this temporal divide!

About “CrossLens”

The CROSS of Christ is the LENS that puts all of life in focus. It is the “gold standard” of all other sources of divine revelation and the key to understanding each of them.

The cross is not only the divine “pill” for human ill that guarantees eternal life with God in the “there and then.” It is also the divine “blueprint” showing us how to live meaningfully and honorably in the “here and now.” In practical terms, a CrossLens vision means feeding the hungry, clothing the destitute, healing the sick, and sharing the BEST News about Jesus with the world. THAT is the purpose of CrossLens ministries!

About Rob Starner

Learner, teacher, speaker, author, actor, clergyman, and Professor. These are the many professional “hats” of Dr. Rob Starner. Rob has a rich heritage of Christian ministry. His grandfather Leo was an ordained Assemblies of God pastor for over 50 years and his father-in-law Józef Bałuczyński (now at age 105!) is in his eighth decade of pastoral ministry in Poland!

As an ordained Assemblies of God minister, Dr. Starner has invested nearly four decades enlisting and empowering Christian leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. He holds a Ph.D. from Baylor University in Religion with a major in Biblical Studies and minors in Christian Ethics, World Religions and Educational Administration. His ministry in Christian higher education includes full-time faculty posts at Continental Theological Seminary (Belgium), University of Valley Forge (Pennsylvania), Central Bible College (Missouri), and Southwestern Assemblies of God University (Texas).

In addition to his service in the university arena, Dr. Starner has served as an associate pastor, Christian school administrator, hospital chaplain, and short-term missionary. He has authored two books, and numerous articles, blogs, and vlogs (links to many are found on this website).

Gifted with a flair for the dramatic and convinced of the power of drama to teach, persuade, and motivate people to give their all to God’s kingdom, Rob takes every opportunity to incorporate drama in all aspects of his ministry. He writes and performs live theatrical productions, and he has even stepped into acting roles in a few small, independent films. This year (2023) Rob finally made it to the “Big Screen” as an “extra” in THE CHOSEN (S3E8), the first ever multi-season television show based on the life of Christ!

Rob is an outspoken supporter of The Chosen. As one who has both studied and taught in the discipline of narrative criticism and its application to study of the New Testament, Dr. Starner is uniquely qualified to help individual Christians and church organizations understand and realize the full potential of this TV show as a vehicle for evangelism, church growth, and discipleship. He is always “at the ready” to respond to concerns, answer questions, suggest venues and “how to’s” for using The Chosen, and even to provide live demonstrations.

Ever an enthusiastic ambassador of the Lord Jesus, Rob has a passion for local church ministry. While currently serving as president of CrossLens Ministries, he actively seeks opportunities to serve churches and para-church organizations through teaching, preaching, hospital & corporate chaplaincy, drama ministry, and coaching on The Chosen! If you would like to Rob to minister to your group, church, or other organization, he invites you to use the contact page on this website to let him know!

Ambassadors of Christ

As ambassadors of Christ, our life mission is to introduce people to Christ, influence them to become His disciples, and train them to make other disciples–and this on a global scale (Matthew 28:19-20)

This call comes entirely at God’s initiative and by His gracious invitation. It requires glorifying God in all we think and say and do. Though all fall short, we fix our eyes on this goal, thanking God for his forgiveness when we fail and depending on the empowerment of his Spirit to bring our efforts to perfection. We are, therefore, first and foremost, Christ’s ambassadors!

OK, but how? Rent a Piper Cub and drag a “Jesus Saves!” sign across the sky? Put an “I Found It!” bumper sticker on the Benz? Well . . . maybe . . . but surely there is a simpler (and likely more effective) way to be an ambassador of Christ. HINT: think “salt” and “light.” Salt reminds us that influence requires direct contact. Light reveals what is present, but it also reminds us that we need a power source.

Being an ambassador of Christ means reflecting Christ’s nature, character, and purposes in everything we think and say and do at all times and in all situations, yielding to and depending on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Carmella & Esther
Two Nonagenarian Sisters
Sharing Their Testimonies of
God’s Faithfulness

The world is a stage. The audience changes every day. Some days it’s a sell-out crowd. Other days, it’s an audience of one, namely, you. But even here we are not really alone. God is always in the theater. The director never misses the show. The heavenly host sees too. Every thought, every word, every action is a witness for the King Whom we serve. Our hands, our mouths, and our hearts all play a part of our calling as ambassadors. We are helping HANDS enriching and empowering the weak, the poor, and the disenfranchised. We are ready MOUTHS proclaiming the best news of what God has done for us all in Jesus. We have compassionate HEARTS prompting our mouths to share the gospel and our hands to live it out.

Being Jesus’ Feet, Hands, Heart . . . and Mouth!

The most effective ministry starts with being a good neighbor. A good neighbor’s FEET run swiftly to a neighbor’s need. A good neighbor’s HANDS are quick to render practical service. Such FEET and HANDS are evidence of a HEART that loves. And a HEART that loves gives the MOUTH a receptive EAR. That’s “Body Ministry 101.”

Love is not merely a “well-wish”–or even a prayer–for another’s good; it is an ACTION taken to bring it about.

If we want people to submit their lives to the Lordship of Christ and receive Him as their Savior, we must persuade them that God is a loving Heavenly Father, not an egomaniacal despot. There simply is no better way to do this than through sacrificial service. It is the clearest evidence of love. Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in Christ’s humiliating, sacrificial death on the cross. That kind of love can melt the coldest heart. And no organization I have seen first hand does this better than M28 Ministry!

Like a good neighbor . . .
M28 is there!

When you see something working well, you naturally want to tell your friends and neighbors about it. For the last several years, CrossLens Ministries has been working closely with M28, a faith-based, community-conscious ministry that delivers a healthy dose of “feet-and-hands” gospel to down-trodden and disenfranchised souls BEFORE announcing the gospel with their mouths.

M28 renders practical aid to those who, for example, have lost their jobs, or who are transitioning to the “real world” after incarceration, or who are recovering from addictions, or who have suffered debilitating injuries. Not only does M28 make provision for basic life necessities (food, clothing, housing, furniture, etc.), it also arranges transportation to medical facilities or to jobs and assists them in restoring credit, or obtaining a driver’s license or car insurance.

In short, M28 comes alongside hurting people, helping them in practical ways and teaching them how to manage their lives safely and wisely. And yes, it mentors and trains these precious souls to “pay it forward” by becoming reproducing Christ-followers. There is no doubt that M28 Ministry is having a remarkable impact on many lives in city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities. CLICK HERE to learn more and support this life-restoring ministry.


All Christ-followers are called to be Christ-learners, A.K.A. “disciples.” Regular engagement with the Bible is one of the most important disciplines in the life of every Christian. “Engagement” means reading with understanding, faithful interpretation and personal application. This discipline is so critical that God gives some Christians a special love for learning and skills for teaching in order to help others learn to rightly interpret and apply His word. In what follows, Dr. Starner briefly describes how he sensed God leading him to Christian higher education as a full-time ministry.

“It was the last day of my student teaching practicum, the final requirement for certification to teach high school mathematics, when my career path took an unexpected turn. My supervising teacher (Mr. Paul) and I had organized the final lesson plans: a time of cake and ice cream—topped off with some light entertainment. Neither of us could have calculated the life-changing significance of what happened that day.”

Students recognized that I cared about their eternal destiny, not just about their grasp of mathematics.

“Knowing of my deep faith in Christ, Mr. Paul suggested that I play my guitar and sing a contemporary religious song. I objected, noting that I had never sung a solo nor played my guitar in public. He suggested we first sing a duet together so I would be less nervous. Although his idea was only moderately successful, the presence of God’s Spirit was evident. Students recognized that I cared about their eternal destiny, not just about their grasp of mathematics. I knew in those moments that I wanted to teach the Word of God, and not mathematics. Within a few weeks I enrolled in a seminary. Upon graduation I was offered a short-term missionary assignment as an instructor in Greek and New Testament at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

Dr. Starner’s service in Assemblies of God higher education now spans nearly four decades. He is ever on the lookout for opportunities to serve local churches and Christian universities in a teaching role. If you know of a place that you think would benefit from Rob’s ministry, reach out to him through the “Contact” tab at the bottom of the site menu on the left side of your screen.


If you have always wanted to take classes that focus on biblical books or theological themes or Bible study tools, you may have just found an answer to your prayers!

YES, after four decades of teaching in Christian colleges and universities, Dr. Starner is now “taking it to the pew” (on-site and on-line). As this ministry expands you will find information about the classes and how to enroll in them right here on this website. If you check the site regularly, you’ll be sure not to miss these opportunities because they’ll be posted in this section of the website right before the “Articles and Videos.” Oh, WAIT!! Here’s one now!!

Learn to Read and Study New Testament Greek!

A full-blown interactive course to help you learn New Testament Greek. No pressure. No college ID required. Just an invitation to a new world of Bible study.

The ability to read and study the New Testament in its original language is a turbo-charged, world-shaking learning resource for any Christ-follower, but it is absolutely essential for all who regularly preach or teach from the New Testament. How so? [See the first video blog below]

The biggest myth? “You have to be a genius–or at least a major nerd!–to learn Greek.” NOT TRUE! The only keys to success are the “2 D’s”: Desire & Discipline. HERE’S THE TRUTH: If you WANT it and you WORK it, you will WIN it.

“Will it require my time?” Absolutely! Learning Greek is no different than developing any skill. “How much time?” The speed of learning is a function of the time/s of study you invest and the quality of your study time/s. So, if you WANT IT, don’t just WORK IT, WORK IT WISELY!

If you decide to begin the Greek journey with this class, you could not have a bigger fan and more caring coach along the way than Dr. Rob Starner. Rob has been successfully helping students learn the fundamentals of NT Greek for over 30 years! He puts the “fun” in fundamentals. And, believe me, FUN is a grand motivator! This is not rocket science, people! Think about it, it just stands to reason that if you’re having fun doing something, it will never become a chore . . . and when it’s not a CHORE, you’ll enjoy doing it MORE! [No extra charge for the poetry! BTW, did you know that poetry is a proven memory tool? You’re welcome!] Why not make plans to Join this course! “How do I do that?” See note below:

NOTE: To inquire about Dr. Starner’s course in New Testament Greek use the “Contact” tab on this website and put “Greek Class Inquiry” in the subject block!



Resources for Serious Bible Study

DISCLAIMER: Recommending the following resources does NOT constitute an endorsement of every viewpoint espoused therein. All of them follow an orthodox understanding of Christianity, and all of them interact respectfully and critically with those who do not. The purpose is to promote growth in our understanding of God and in our relationship with Him.

There are literally countless resources available for serious Bible study. So many, in fact, that explorers who encounter seemingly ‘exhaustive” lists find them entirely “exhausting.” It’s like “drinking water from firehose.” To make matters even more challenging these resources range in level from complete novice to professional expert. All of this works to make such lists overwhelming, and . . . in the end . . . a major stumbling block.

Fortunately, Dr. Starner has a much smaller list of recommended resources that he will publish on this website as soon as time permits.


Bible on the Go with Dr. Dan

Bible on the Go with Dr. Dan. This series of videos, produced by my former colleague, Dr. Dan Langston, is available on his YouTube Channel. Folks, you have to see him to believe him! When you look up “enthusiasm” in Webster’s, you’ll find Dr. Dan’s name as the primary definition. Dan offers delightful and insightful nutshell discussions on numerous biblical passages and theological themes. He also has numerous videos introducing and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of various Bible translations and study Bibles. Spoiler alert: He likes ’em all!

Glenn E. Pearson is academically, spiritually, and practically first-rate. If you are looking for assistance in grappling seriously with challenging questions about the Bible and/or theology and/or Christian practice, this is the place for you! Glenn’s blogs consistently deliver careful, reflective insights on a wide variety of theological and practical life issues, and these insights are the product of disciplined study and years of experience.

The Daniel Day Podcast. Daniel is successful pastor whose vision for the mission of Christ looks far beyond the walls of the local church. His podcast presents interviews with a variety of highly influential Christian leaders on the current national and international scene.

Brandon Robbins YouTube channel. Brandon is a skilled teacher. His videos are thoughtful and offer an in-depth look a specific Biblical episodes. The link attached to his picture here is to his ministry website, from which you can get access to all his materials. One of his series of videos are deep dives into each of the episodes of The Chosen. His channel has over 225,000 subscribers.

Academic Resources

Don’t neglect to check out Biblewoot, the website of my former colleague, Dr. Terance Espinoza. The specific tab for resources is titled: “Research Bibliography for Biblical and Theological Studies.”

Any one of the staggering number of books written by Craig S. Keener is worthy of careful consideration. Dr. Keener is a world-renowned New Testament scholar who publishes prolifically in both academic (e.g., Miracles: The Credibility of the Gospel Accounts) and popular level (e.g., Miracles Today: The Supernatural Work of God in the Modern World) sectors. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled familiarity with both modern and ancient sources, he is at the same time deeply committed to evangelism and discipleship. Google Craig S. Keener and select the title that most captures your interest. His overall best-seller, The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament, was groundbreaking in that it delivers the most relevant historical-cultural-literary backgrounds to virtually every section of verses in the New Testament rather than discussing and weighing the opinions of various scholars as to the interpretation of the texts.

In this context, the work of another scholar is particularly high in merit: A Death of Splendid Daring: A Novel Approach to the Gospel of Mark by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt. Rob’s editorial review on Amazon reads as follows:

Not since the publication of Keener’s IVP Bible Background Commentary has there appeared a more helpful (and welcome!) innovative jolt to the business-as-usual fare of New Testament commentaries than A Death of Splendid Daring! This truly revolutionary approach may well prove to have as stunning an impact on the future of New Testament commentaries as Barth’s famous Romans commentary that dropped “like a bombshell on the theologians’ playground” had on all subsequent theological reflection. 
Like Keener’s groundbreaking work, A Death of Splendid Daring aims not to arm its readers with the definitive interpretation of given biblical texts, but rather to assist readers in processing the text–the former, focusing more on the cognitive dimensions of biblical interpretation, and the latter, focusing on the transformative experience that readers derive from interaction with the text.
A Death of Splendid Daring is clearly the brainchild of a prodigiously gifted narratologist and storytelling artist. Even the title of this magnificent work reveals the author’s literary acumen (the commentary is a “novel commentary” in two valid senses: “innovation” and “literary genre”).
Equally impressive, and important for this remarkable novel-commentary, are the author’s academic chops in both literary and Biblical studies. With the same level of tenacity that molecular biologists probe anatomy, Dr. Camery-Hoggatt has not only engaged competently with the concerns and insights of biblical scholarship, he also has scrutinized the nature of language itself and how receivers process it, and he deftly uses that knowledge to construct this novel commentary in ways that have a powerful impact on the reader. 
A Death of Splendid Daring is deeply engaging both cognitively and emotionally. It is a breath of fresh theological air that rightly deserves a wide hearing. Expressing theological truths in propositionally-stated proverbs arranged in well-organized outlines has its rightful place in church catechism because its appeal to the cognitive dimension enables one to distinguish truth from error. But truth is much more and much deeper than a set of facts, and faith is far more than mental assent to a series of propositions about God that can be demonstrated and defended.
Dr. Camery-Hoggatt has not only engaged competently with the concerns and insights of biblical scholarship, he also has scrutinized the nature of language itself and how receivers process it, and he deftly uses that knowledge to construct this novel commentary in ways that have a powerful impact on the reader.
I know of none other so thoroughly acquainted with the primary characteristics and corresponding rhetorical functions of language who so meticulously puts this knowledge to use in his or her own writing. While, as an academician, I realize the political expediency of refraining from over-the-top accolades when analyzing the work of scholars, I have to admit that withholding my assessment of this work as nothing less than genius stretches this policy to its absolute limits. Hier stehe ich! –Rob Starner, PhD

If you want Rob’s advice about any particular resources, leave a message in the “contact” tab of the CrossLens Ministries website (this one!), and he will respond as soon as time permits.


Christians always face the temptation to take the course of least opposition by embracing the ideologies of the surrounding culture.  Józef Bałuczyński’s life stories demonstrate God’s faithfulness to a hero who, refusing to shrink back from his commitment to Christ in spite of the social and political forces arrayed against him, lived his entire life in service to others.  This book offers both challenge and hope for the increasing number of Christians who are facing the opposition of terrorists and totalitarian governments that seek to squash the message of Christ

Here’s what a few readers and influential leaders are saying about Be Not Afraid:

“A fast-moving, true story of God’s faithfulness and one Polish pastor’s faith-produced courage in the face of mortal danger. This inspiring account also offers one more window into what Poles and others suffered under both Nazi and Soviet forces during the perils of World War II and its aftermath.”

Craig S. Keener
Professor of Biblical Studies,
Asbury Theological Seminary

“Unsung heroes like Józef Bałuczyński are the other “greatest generation”—soldiers of the cross, many of whose names are known only in heaven. Pastor Józef’s story will inspire, encourage, and embolden 21st-century followers of Jesus who increasingly are encountering the same daunting opposition to the gospel that Józef and those like him faced in their generation.”

Byron D. Klaus
Former President, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

“Rob Starner has provided an incredible gift to the body of Christ by sharing the inspiring story of Pastor Józef Bałuczyński. One cannot read this account without being convinced of God’s ability to sustain His people in the most difficult circumstances of life.”

Kermit S. Bridges
President, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

“Be Not Afraid is an inspiring testimony of faith under fire. Refusing to sacrifice principles on the altar of popularity, or prosperity, or promotion, or pride, whether to avoid persecution or to save your life altogether, is a sign of Christ-like character. For over nine decades Pastor Bałuczyński has been a stellar example of Christ-like character and Christian leadership, and with the publication of this book, his legacy will extend far beyond his lifetime.”

Scott Wilson
Lead Pastor
, Oaks Church

“Throughout history stories have been key to passing on truth and teaching the next generation. Be Not Afraid is an absolutely riveting story of a Polish pastor’s journey through heart-wrenching trials and inspiring victories, empowered by an unwavering faith in God. This is one story that everyone must read, hear, and experience. It will impact countless hearts for generations to come.”

Brent Grosvenor
Lights Up Productions, Inc.

“This inspiring account of Pastor Józef’s amazing testimony will remind every reader of the distinguishing traits of authentic believers: boldness to proclaim Christ, power to endure hardship and persecution, and signs and wonders that follow our witness. This is what it means to live out Pentecost—the Book of Acts continued.”

Donna J. Schambach
President, The Schambach Foundation

Kingdom of Power, Power of Kingdom


This book offers readers an exciting and profitable journey into two story worlds that likely share a common historical-cultural setting: Mark’s Gospel” and Chariton’s “passion of love.” Analyzing these works from the vantage point of narrative sequence, Starner identifies two contrasting worldviews: for Chariton, the world is controlled by the goddess Aphrodite who serves as a powerbroker distributing political, economic, and sociological power to agents who use that power for self-serving ends; for Mark, the world is governed by an all-powerful God who, shockingly, operates from a posture of powerlessness, inviting (not coercing) humans to accept his lordship and urging them to adopt the self-sacrificial, service-oriented program of living that finds its quintessential expression in the historical Jesus of the Gospels.

Book Review and Endorsements

“This book offers an intriguing study of some notable narrative techniques in Mark’s Gospel. In contrast to modern speculations of how Mark should have written, Starner’s observations are grounded in ancient narration patterns. While noting parallels with Chariton’s style, Starner is also careful to highlight some distinctive elements in Mark’s account. 

Craig S. Keener, Professor of New Testament,
Palmer Theological Seminary.

“It is sometimes said that the Gospel of Mark is a clumsy concatenation of stories, thrown together willy-nilly. In Kingdom of Power, Power of Kingdom, Rob Starner offers an alternative take:  Mark uses the apparent disruptions in sequence, repetitions, and gaps in information to leverage the responses of his readers. Starner’s argument is crisp, compelling, and critically important—a must read for anyone who wishes to understand both Mark and the current state of literary scholarship in biblical studies. Mark, like Starner, is anything but clumsy.” 

Jerry Camery-Hoggatt, Professor of New Testament and Narrative Theology,
Vanguard University.

Dr. Starner’s work addresses head on the view of some scholars that Mark was an inept writer who produced a clumsy, disordered narrative about Jesus of Nazareth. Starner successfully shows this criticism to be fatally anachronistic and myopic.

In judging Mark’s first-century work by then 20th-Century standards for works intended for the eye (written texts), this unfair assessment fails to take Mark’s Gospel on its own terms, namely, a first-century work intended for the ear (oral literature). The numerous instances of repetition and redundancy, although unwelcome and annoying in written texts, instead performed a valuable function in orally performed narratives, which were by far the medium of choice in a world where less than ten percent of the population could read.

Starner’s comparison of Mark’s Gospel with Chariton’s ancient novel Chaereas and Callirhoe shows that Mark’s Gospel is carefully constructed in accordance with the conventions of oral literature and for the purpose of conveying the author’s worldview in an entertaining way.  Although the two works share significant narrative techniques, they are far too dissimilar to be placed in the same genre category, and they are literally worlds apart in the world views they espouse.

Douglas Olena.

Dramatic Arts

Drama is an effective tool not only for communicating the spiritual truths contained in the Scriptures, but also for helping audiences engage personally and emotionally with the Christ of the Scriptures.

“Grace in Galatia”

In a deliciously calculated, mentally stimulating and profoundly challenging way, Rob has performed for congregations the entire Epistle to the Galatians dressed in character as the Apostle Paul, convincing his audiences that they themselves have been enlisted by the Apostle Paul and commissioned to memorize his letter, deliver it orally to the Galatian churches, and leave a copy of the manuscript with them! 

“Joseph of Arimathea”

Joseph of Arimathea is sent back to earth to share his life testimony–a story that includes graphic first-century descriptions of crucifixion. Joseph shares his early conviction that Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah and describes the fears of losing his wealth and prominent position as a member of the Sanhedrin–fears that kept him a “secret disciple” until Jesus was crucified. The theme of the drama is echoed in Joseph’s call for God’s people to TAKE A STAND FOR JESUS!


The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the means by which God takes the “loaves and fish” that we put at His disposal and multiplies it to “feed the five thousand.” But this does not diminish the disciple’s responsibility to train and develop the “raw skills” that God bestows. Dependence on the Holy Spirit and dedicated, disciplined training in various presentation media are NOT mutually exclusive.

Recently Rob has had the privilege of studying the craft of acting under the tutelage of Kirk B.R. Woller, the actor who is now probably most widely known for his role as “Gaius” in THE CHOSEN, the largest crowd-funded multi-season television show in history. All Rob’s future drama presentations will be informed by the knowledge and skill he has gained from this well-seasoned, highly-acclaimed, thoroughly-trained, and Spirit-empowered actor. If you are looking for an excellent acting class, click on THIS LINK to Mr. Woller’s ActorKlass.com website to sign up. For actor training, audition prep, and one-on-one mentoring through live online sessions visit thewollertechnique.com.

I cannot overstate how much I have appreciated Mr. Woller’s teaching and mentoring. Most treasured of all is the fact that he TRULY cares not only about helping people learn the craft of acting, but also helping them become better people who seek to hear more than to be heard.

~ Rob Starner

Dr. Starner’s extensive academic training in the discipline of “narrative criticism” and its specific application to the Biblical narratives coupled with his thorough study of the presentation of these narratives in THE CHOSEN makes him highly qualified to help people understand the nature, purpose, and value of this unique television series on the life of Christ as a tool for evangelism and discipleship. He is AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMINARS to help pastors and other church leaders answer the concerns of naysayers and use The Chosen episodes to their maximum kingdom impact.

The endgame of The Chosen is not merely wholesome entertainment. The endgame is leading viewers to a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and creating a thirst for READING THE BIBLE ITSELF. Dr. Starner is so committed to the mission of The Chosen that he is spearheading his own fundraising campaign through the Come and See Foundation, and he earnestly prays that many will contribute their “loaves and fish” to this Kingdom cause. No contribution is too small. Jesus did “impossible math” with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Donations through THIS LINK are tax-deductible. To learn more about The Chosen, read below and follow the links to some of Dr. Starner’s vlogs.



Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus (John 3) was far more than a Socratic dialogue in theology; it was an earnest plea. No media presentation of this encounter has portrayed this more powerfully than THE CHOSEN. Please consider this an earnest plea for your engagement with, and full support of, THE CHOSEN, the first multi-season TV show about the life of Christ. This series is hands down the best. There simply is no close second.  THE CHOSEN has the potential to become the single greatest film media tool for evangelism and discipleship EVER.

Even the way it is funded follows a healthy discipleship model. Like salvation, the episodes are entirely FREE to access.  And, just as it is with salvation, the producers (like our Heavenly Father!) ASK you to consider “paying it forward” so that other people can watch it free.

“Does the concept work?”  Well, the facts speak for themselves:  THE CHOSEN is the #1 most crowd-funded media project of all time—and it is growing every day.  It has already attracted over a HALF-BILLION views.

If you haven’t seen the episodes,

download the app at www.thechosen.tv/app.

If you have seen the episodes, and you want to support this timely ministry, you can . . .

pay-it-forward” so others can see it free at www.thechosen/payitforward.com.

If you want to help fund this series and get immediate rewards for doing so,

purchase gifts at www.thechosengifts.com

Below is a link to the dialogue between Jesus and Nicodemus in Season 1, Episode 7 as an example of the quality.  [SPOILER ALERT!!] you will get much more out of it, if you watch the previous episodes first.


Here are links to a few of Rob’s reviews of THE CHOSEN: 

To watch all 24 current episodes of The Chosen (FREE), simply click on the QRL Code on the photo


The Power of a Seed!

THE BACKSTORY  April is my birthday month, and this birthday was a BIG ONE. I turned thirty-five this year . . . well . . . to be fair, thirty-five, Two. Times. Over!  YIKES!  The mere thought of it nearly sent me into a tailspin. But I’ve never been one to give up without a…

Reflections on the F5K Filming of The Chosen

In the aftermath of my experience as an extra in the Feeding of the 5,000 (#F5K) filming for an episode to appear in Season 3 of The Chosen, I am reflecting on things I found remarkable. First, for the entire two days (long days) that I was on set (along with over 4,500 extras plus…

The Reason To Live

For all human beings, the failure to comprehend and embrace a sense of purpose and value is not merely debilitating, it can be deadly. Think about it. How many times have you read about people who seemingly “had it all,” yet made the tragic decision to end their life. Perhaps you yourself have faced such…

Hymns Are NOT Worship!

[For those under age 45, a “Hymn” is a song or poem of praise to God that is characterized by several scripturally-based verses about what God has done for us, each punctuated by a two- or three-line refrain usually forming an appropriate response to what God has done for us.] Let me cut to the…

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